Marie is 13 years old. Her “home” is a part of the sidewalk in Manila. Luckily, a donation of 45 Euros enables UNICEF to equip an education helper with everything important to look after street children like Marie.

Living in the streets

© UNICEF/Sharron Lovell

The family gets up very early – she has to put away her sleeping mat before first people pass by. Marie gives her sister a wash and looks after her the entire day. In the past, Marie used to go to school as every other child, her siblings then played at her mother’s kiosk. But, one day her little sister became lost in the streets for 4 days. Since then, Marie has to take care of her during the day. In the evenings, Marie helps her mother to sell lemonade and snacks. Despite all circumstances, Marie wants to learn – with United Internet for UNICEF and your help!

Since, UNICEF trains caretakers like Conny (see image below). Every afternoon he and his small bus arrive in the streets. Mare just brings her little sister with her – and their today’s class begins.

School in the street

© UNICEF/Sharron Lovell

UNICEF already trained about 600 caretakers in the Philippines. They help children with problems they face living and the streets. Also, they protect them from violence and sexual abuse.


Especially girls, street children and children with disabilities need support and encouragement. For that, parents, volunteers, village elders and authorities have to know and protect children’s rights.

Together, the United Internet for UNICEF Foundation and you support victims in danger and contribute to a nonviolent world for children.

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