The United Internet for UNICEF Foundation was established in September 2006. It is an independent, legally responsible foundation under German Civil Law. The foundation primarily supports projects of UNICEF, the United Nations’ International Children’s Fund: From the wide selection of issues UNICEF is dealing with, projects are specifically chosen and presented on the websites of the United Internet group in order to win as many donors as possible.
“We are profoundly grateful that we have been able to precedently collect more than 45 Million Euros in donations and more than 13,000 active pledge donors via the online portals of 1&1, GMX and WEB.DE in the relatively short period since the establishment of the foundation,” Tessa Page, Chairperson of the foundation, reported. All donations are passed on 100 per cent to the German Committee for UNICEF.


Christian Schneider, Geschäftsführer UNICEF Deutschland, Tessa Page, Vorsitzende der Stiftung United Internet for UNICEF, Ralph Dommermuth, Vorstandsvorsitzender der United Internet AG.
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Christian Schneider, Executive Director of UNICEF Germany, Tessa Page, Board Chairperson of the United Internet for UNICEF Foundation, Ralph Dommermuth, Board Chairman of United Internet.

UNICEF Germany is extremly thankful for the support of the United Internet for UNICEF Foundation. Since 2006 all users of gmx, web.de and 1&1 are being informed on UNICEF's work and millions of users have donated. For example the emergency on the Philippines end of November 2014. 7 Million Euros were raised by the foundation - United Internet matched every donation up to 1000 Euros. Overall the amazing amount of over 27 Million Euros was raised for UNICEF in the last years. 

Board Chairperson of the United Internet for UNICEF Foundation, Tessa Page, said in conjunction with the symbolic presentation of a check to UNICEF: “My deepest gratitude to all users of GMX, web.de and 1&1 for their generous support. These donations are so very important to enable UNICEF to help children worldwide - after natural disasters like the earthquake in Haiti or the typhoon Haiyan hitting the Philippines, but also for example actions against child labor and child mortality . The support of our pledge donors is particularly important, because we can help children sustainably over long periods of time. Again, thank you to all donors and supporters!” 

The creation of a protective environment for children throughout the world in which they can grow up in health and safety is one of the most important investments we can make in the future. We would like to encourage you to share this vision of the foundation and to support the work of UNICEF. Make a donation to your favourite project – or better yet, become a pledge donor and give lasting support!