Henry Dixon - UNICEF-Pate werden



Nowadays we take it for granted to grow up healthy. Unfortunately, children in many countries are not that fortunate by no means. A Sustaining member – UNICEF-Pate - can give these children what they need – from vaccinations to protection against violence. Together with UNICEF, you can secure children‘s safety, health and development – wherever a child is in need, worldwide.

We do not temporarily focus on an individual child – we sustainably improve the lives of as many children as possible. Thus, UNICEF supports children from the very beginning: With your donations, we can provide appropriate complementary foods to malnutrition infants like Saamatou (picture above) and her mother. Later, we equip her local school with school supplies so she and her friends can learn and take their lives into their own hands. As soon as Saamatou is old enough, UNICEF helps with sex education to prevent an early pregnancy or a HIV infection. Moreover, in times of extreme droughts or war, UNICEF will provide help to her and her family. Because UNICEF is always in the field in almost every country worldwide.


As a UNICEF-Pate, you change the world for the better – for every child.

A UNICEF-Pate like you makes this reliable help possible. With a monthly donation of ten, twenty or more Euro, we together can literally improve the world for children for the better.

Every child is entitled to a childhood. With their steady donations, over 11.000 sustainable members in Germany take a stand for children in need: a strong community.

Help us help children and become a UNICEF-Pate.

Help children – reliably and effectively