Preisübergabe: Partner of the Year

Christian Schneider (Geschäftsführer UNICEF Deutschland), Dr. Jürgen Heraeus (Vorstandsvorsitzender von UNICEF Deutschland), Tessa Page (Vorstandsvorsitzende der Stiftung United Internet for UNICEF) und Ralph Dommermuth (Vorstandsvorsitzender der United Internet AG, v.l.n.r.)
© Gros Fotografie

A great success: Thanks to your help, the United Internet for UNICEF Foundation collected donations of more than 35 million Euro during the past 10 years. An outstanding amount of money, of which 100 per cent were transferred to UNICEF. It was used to save lives and support children during emergencies. Moreover, with the Foundation, United Internet funded sustainable UNICEF programs to secure children’s rights – from protection against abuse and child labor to supporting school education.

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© UNICEF/Vincent Tremeau

Thanks to United Internet we could act immediately

“UNICEF is grateful for United Internet and its customers, who used the power of technology to mobilize help for disadvantaged children.” said Jorge Olague, head of department for private donations at UNICEF. “We want to say thank you to millions of internet users, who acted immediately and whose donations helped to change the world for children for the better. Thanks to United Internet, millions of people could help within hours, whenever children were in need.”

United Internet uses the power and speed of technology to help

As a leading internet service provider, United Internet uses its online and mail services (WEB.DE, GMX and 1&1) to call attention to UNICEF’s commitment for children. Within the United Internet for UNICEF Foundation, United Internet also enables all forces and speed of technology to support UNICEF when natural catastrophes occur. Thus, UNICEF can provide clean drinkable water and medical goods or set up child friendly spaces.

A highly responsible job

“Digital technology should serve humans and there is no better way to change our world than to invest in children’s wellbeing.”, said Tessa Page, chairperson at United Internet for UNICEF. “Modern technology can bring people together from different countries. It offers new opportunities to support future generations by helping those disadvantaged to take their lives into their own hands. Regarding the increasing number of conflicts and crisis, helping children in need was never more important than today. Nevertheless, thanks to technological innovations we have never worked that quick and efficient. The United Internet for UNICEF Foundation is able to provide technology to reach out, to serve humanity – this is our philanthropic responsibility.